Roja Parfums redefines luxury and sophistication in perfumery for the modern age.

Roja Parfums embodies the very essence of luxury. For Roja, the finest most costly ingredients have become a byword, a signature for his work. Every scent is created by Roja to make the wearer feel special, to feel different - separating them from the crowd.

Initially launched exclusively in Harrods, London, Roja Parfums is available in a carefully curated selection of iconic department stores and luxury perfumeries in the major cities of the world.

With Roja Parfums, Roja has delivered a collection of fragrances that reach out to everybody who loves to wear scent, no matter what their taste in perfume might be. They are created to be the best - to be worn, remembered, loved, and treasured.

They are, quite simply, The Finest Fragrances in The World.

Key Notes

Distribution Locations

Paris Gallery – The Dubai Mall/Dubai

Paris Gallery- Marina Mall       /Abu Dhabi

Plethora – The Dubai Mall      / Dubai

Pari Gallery- Ezdan Mall         / Doha

Paris Gallery- Bustan Mall     / Jeddah