Strong Presence of a Unique Perfume

Xerjoff: XerJoff is an Italian - Turin based Perfume House fully dedicated to luxury fragrance in its art form.

Talking about XerJoff means going beyond the olfactory dimension, to enter a wider universe. Where the perceptive and sensorial area is blend together, rediscovers the golden ages when the art of perfumery was hand in hand with the multi-sensorial arts of their Bottle holders.

The boutique reflects the sense of Italy and displays the finest line from Xerjoff’s collection, collection of magical blends with an Italian signature carefully contained in a unique perfume bottle.


Locations & Contact

The Dubai Mall

First Floor

Tel : +971 4 3253384

Dubai, UAE

Distribution Locations

Paris Gallery – The Dubai Mall/ Dubai

Paris Gallery – Dubai Festival City Mall/ Dubai

Paris Gallery – Marina Mall / Abu Dhabi

Paris Gallery – Fujairah City Center/ Fujairah

Paris Gallery – Red Sea  / Jeddah

Paris Gallery – Granada/ Riyadh

Paris Gallery – Alrashed Mall/ Khobar

Harvey Nichols – Kuwait City