How to choose the perfect men’s signature scent?

Since the dawn of time, Perfumes and fragrances have fascinated humans. The Middle East has been the perfume capital of the world for thousands of years. The Oud and Attar from the middle east made their journey to every nook and corner of the world. Perfumes and men always have a close relationship. Making a lasting impression will be more convenient and easy with the right fragrance. A good perfume sends the right message about you to the people near you. As perfumes are undoubtedly one of the best style statements that a man can make about his personality, selecting the best one is very crucial. Here are the tips to choose the perfect men’s signature scent.

Understand the notes

The best in class perfumes are identified with their top, heart and base notes. If you understand these notes you can easily find your perfect perfume. Notes are essentially the different layers of scent that make up the final fragrance. The top note which is also known as the opening note is the scent that will be noticed right after the application. They may not last long but they leave the first impression or essentially lures you into a perfume. Then comes the heart note or the middle note. As the name suggests, this note is the heart of perfume and will last longer than any other note. Most of the time a perfume will have up to 80% of its scent in the middle note. As this is a lasting scent, often a soft scent in the middle is preferred as a middle note. Base notes are the last note of a perfume. The interesting thing is the base notes couples with the heart note and generates some complex tones which will leave a lasting impression. Mastering and understanding the notes will help you nail in the perfect perfume you are looking for.

Ask expert opinion

Asking the opinion of good smelling guys is one of the best ways to pick the best perfume in town. They might be having a variety of options from which you can select the best that suits you. These people will tell you the exact reason that makes a particular brand stand out from the rest. They would even recommend a shop with a well-informed employee who will help you get a good perfume. There are many shops that sell long-lasting perfumes for men in UAE.

Know the classic ones

Knowledge about the classic perfumes for men in Dubai will help you in getting the right perfume. Just make a visit to the nearby department store and ask them about the crowd’s favourite perfumes or the popular ones. you will have a tried and tested sample size of the best cross-section perfumes. From there though, it’s all on you. Test the fragrances and go with what you love because your perfume doesn’t work in isolation but rather with your self assured confidence.

What is the end goal?

Deciding the purpose of using perfume is very important. A deeper scent, especially something that possesses a woody smell is highly advisable when you are the head honcho and want to maintain that serious edge at the office. Whereas, a light citrus scent is the best choice when you are trying to lighten up. By deciding the motive of using the perfume you will be able to avoid lots of unnecessary fragrances from your list.

Selecting a perfume that captivates others attention is difficult but not an impossible task. Always make sure to buy the one which makes you feel special to the ones near you.

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