How To Wear Perfume Skillfully To Last Its Fragrance All Day Long?

Have you bought your favourite branded perfumes in Dubai? So, now it’s time to wear it before you move out. Usual methods won’t do better while the right ways intensify its fragrance and lift your mood lasting all day long. Here are the right ways to use your perfume and stop re-applying it every few hours.

Things to consider while applying perfume;

  1. Do not rub ever, this will reduce its actual effect. Spraying is just good, rubbing ruins the aroma by breaking perfume molecules.
  1. Do not spray your perfume on your clothes. You are supposed to spray them directly on your skin for them to work their best.
  1. Do not buy a perfume based on its smell, especially once you buy it as a mood buster. If you work under a lot of stress, you should choose strong top notes. Seek help from the staff in perfume stores in Dubai, to differentiate base to top notes.


Do not spray it on your Hair

Perfumes are like flowers that spread fragrance all around you. Whenever you use it for your hair, avoid spraying a mist directly on your hair because the alcohol content in your perfume will dry your hair hard. Instead, spray it on your comb and brush it on your hair. Always try to use perfume on you like this.


Behind the top of your ears

Which are the perfect perfume points of your body? The perfect perfume point of your body is the top of your ears, you should be spraying mist behind there to get the most of it. Lots of people doubt this, but it’s said to be the most effective spot because this spot is oilier than the lobes. And oil tends to hold on to perfume better, helping it to diffuse for longer. Moreover, spraying on the spot helps to invoke your memories, especially connected to others. Whenever someone hugs you, they get easily connected to your smell.


Behind the knees

Yet another important spot to apply perfume is behind your knees. Same as the previous principle about perfume, the fragrance accentuated by the warmth of the skin behind your knees will rise around you throughout the day. Thus, it lasts longer than merely spraying anywhere. This enduring fragrance will keep you fresh all day long.


Inside of the elbow

The first thing you need to understand is that perfumes will work better on your bare body. If you apply it to your clothes, it will easily fade away. Inside of your elbow is the pulse point. As well as it is tucked away in the bends of our arms, gives the perfume a subtle effect. Apply perfumes directly in your body, and select spots or locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots produce more body heat, which helps the fragrance to prevail on your body emitting a sweet smell around you.


Whenever you buy perfumes, use them in the right spots. Unless you won’t experience its true fragrance for a whole day.

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