A Guide to Major Perfume Scent Categories

How well it is to hear the compliment that you smell amazing. There is always something incredibly powerful and personal about the fragrance. Scents have the power to bring out more feelings and memories in ways other than our senses. So, it is difficult to choose fragrances or buy perfumes online UAE. In the world of fragrances, perfumes could be divided into many categories. In this blog, we explain the main seven fragrances.

  1.       Woody fragrances

Woody fragrances are different with a woody character and having notes coming from the wood materials like resin, trees, bushes, moss, bark, pine cones, and roots. Woody fragrances have citrus or aromatic headnotes. In the heart, one could find dry and crisp notes while dominant wood or resins are found in the base notes. The wood ingredients bring out richness, elegance, depth, and warmth to the fragrance and they are essential in perfume making. Fragrances contain woody scents like sandalwood, pine, vetiver, cedarwood, and patchouli.

  1.       Citrus

Citrus scents are characterized by fresh and zesty notes that are good for the summer/spring climates. Fruits used within this category are grapefruit, lemons, Clementine, bergamot, verbena, and lemongrass. They help to provide refreshing and better top notes that tickle your nose and bring better elegance to the wearer with pleasure.

  1. Gourmand fragrances

These fragrances are the most divisive type. Sometimes you will love them more and can’t stand without them. This is due to its sweet fragrance which is not cloying and powdery. Common notes for these fragrances are vanilla, burnt sugar, caramel, and chocolate. Hence also known as foodie fragrances. They also work in combination with the fruity family of fragrance.

  1. Floral fragrances

They are most popular in the perfume market. They come up with notes of jasmine, rose, and blossoms making it popular. This feminine, romantic and soft fragrances or ladies perfumes in Dubai keep the spirit of spring alive throughout.

  1. Fruity fragrances

Fruity scents are good for summer days. They are composed of watermelon, pear, and cherry notes. These fragrances could be sweet, not cloying, and could range from playful to sophisticated based on the notes the fruit is being paired with.

  1. Spicy fragrances

Spicy fragrances are sultry and frankly. Sensual and warm notes of pepper, incense, and cardamom are common among these fragrances. This is the perfume one could use if they want to create a feeling of mystery.

  1. Aquatic fragrances

These are characterized by marine notes like algae, salt, and fresh air. These fragrances take inspiration from water. Hence they are also known as marine or oceanic fragrances. These fragrances rely on the material called Calone that brings out the impression of breeze, sea crystalline waters, and better freshness.

Last but not least, choose the fragrances based upon the occasions and what type of feeling you have to create about yourself. These fragrances are easily available online or at the perfume market. So, enjoy shopping the best.

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