Perfume hacks to make your fragrance last longer

Perfumes are something which makes you completely ready while going out to party with your friends or to attend social functions. Choosing the right perfume is important but equally important is the way you wear it. Perfume brands in Dubai have always been the favourite ones for everyone. All of us want the fragrance to last long but unfortunately, this won’t happen most of the time and this is one of the main causes of concerns for perfume users. However, there are certain tricks and hacks by which you can solve this issue and make your perfume last longer.

Apply on pulse points

Spraying perfumes on pulse points in your body will do the trick more often. Inner wrists, behind ear lobes, are the perfect areas to spray perfumes. The blood vessels are close to the skin in these areas and hence radiate heat and the perfume reacts with it and forms a good combination to make the fragrance last longer.

Apply after bath

Most of the grooming experts are on the same page that applying perfumes soon after a shower will keep the fragrance intact for a long period of time. This is because the moisture will make your scent stay longer and thereby make you smell good all day long.

Keep your perfume in a dark cool place

Storing your perfume in a dark cool place will keep your perfume in perfect condition for a long period of time. Make sure not to keep in a warm place as light often destroys the molecular structure of perfume and thereby results in the loss of fragrance. Keeping the perfumes in bathroom cabinets is also not a wise idea.

Use moisturiser before perfume

Applying moisturiser before spraying the perfume will serve the purpose most of the time by making the perfume last longer. Your favourite perfume will last much longer if your skin is rightly moisturized than being it as dry. Applying petroleum jelly on the above-mentioned pulse points also will satisfy your requirement of making perfume durable.

Stop rubbing after spraying

Rubbing the wrist, neck and back of earlobes after applying the perfume will hamper it from lasting right through the day. This will also make things go against your plans as rubbing will cause the top and middle notes to fade away quickly.

Apply on clothes

Spraying perfumes on clothes will result in greater longevity than when applied directly to the skin. At the same time, we have to be careful not to spray on silk that can stain easily. Fragrance gels nicely with fabrics differently than the skin, so it will probably smell lighter but still like your favourite perfume. This is also one of the clever tricks that can be applied after buy perfumes online UAE to make it last really long.

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