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Aprilis 75ml

April- when the chill of winter begins to give way to the rebirth of spring. In Barcelona, this means the blooming of the April roses in the Parc de Cervantes, one of the world’s most important rose gardens, housing 245 international varieties of this precious, gorgeous, romantic flower. In honor of this remarkable annual occasion, Santa Eulalia presents Aprilis, a gorgeously unique rose scent of unparalleled diversity and sophistication

328.13 AED

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Notes: Bergamot, citrus, star anise, rose, iris, moss, woody notes

سانتا أوليليا ابريليس 75مل

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Designer Santa Eulalia has 12 perfumes in our fragrance base. Santa Eulalia is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2014 and the newest is from 2021. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Celso Fadelli.