Ramon Monegal Fiesta 50ml Eau De Parfum

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Like ambrosia, with profound respect and imbued with personal experiences, I have interpreted without copying a composition inspired by
the values of the ingredients of some of the irreplaceable works from the golden era of perfume. Olfactory metaphors, messages and images
that revealed a unique inspiration and an incontrovertible seal forged in the Monegal perfumery.  I was dreaming of the ancestral rite of love, imagining an in nite romance between the majesty of the sun and weather-beaten bull’s hide, myland. My feelings were flowing in a learned language in the milieu of amber values, of a family heritage of perfume and inserted into a
flamenco dance of red rose petals. Enchanting love, bewitching vanilla fire and balsamic smoke, uncontrolled passion, red on black. Sparks flew, fireworks, yellow incandescent shapes, the whites of pure light in the blues of a calm sea. It’s the fiesta, our fiesta, the coming together of perfume and art offered to those who made it possible and those who will make it memorable. Ramón Monegal certifies that FIESTA is a numbered edition perfume of which only 2016 exist, an original composition, created freely by my own hand with the best molecules and natural ingredients to commemorate the MONEGAL family’s first centenary of perfume making.


Spanish Collection


Woody , Leathery

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Raspberry, Marine note, Olive blossom, Osmanthus
Tuberose, Red rose, Orris root
Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Cotton Candy, Leather

رامون مونيغال فيستا 50 مل
Ramon Monegal is the founder and the perfumer of the Ramon Monegal Parfums. It’s based in Barcelona.From his beginnings as a perfumer, Monegal showed courage, good taste and mastery of the most complicated and costly raw materials. He had a high sensitivity and thoroughness in preparing his creations in all its phases and aspects. So to improve his knowledge in all fields, he studied in 1977 in the Barcelona Design Centre, and a year later in ESADE, activities which he combined with his training in Paris.Ramón Monegal, the perfumer, created his first fragrance, “Alada” in 1979. Since that time he was the Creative Director of Myrurgia and he developed “olfactory images” for licensing as Adolfo Dominguez, Antonio Miró, Aigner, Ines de la Fresange, or Massimo Dutti among more than twenty brands, with great success. In 1985 he was appointed to the board of Myrurgia, and later Senior Vice-President. Finally, in 2000, Antonio Puig acquired Myrurgia, who requested his collaboration to continue leading the development of several licenses and new brands as Maison Parfum.In 2007 he leaves the Puig Group and becomes independent. After a period of reflection, he decided to realize the project with which he had always dreamed of: create without any limitation.Designer Ramon Monegal has 45 perfumes in our fragrance base. Ramon Monegal is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2009 and the newest is from 2021. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Ramon Monegal.