Houbigant Houbigant La Belle Saison Collection Privee 100ml Eau De Parfum

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When the arrival of Spring is as light and enveloping as a shower of feathers, it is the scent of la Belle Saison. From the earth to the sky, flowers and leaves sprinkled with light and water exude tender and transparent scented waves. La Belle Saison evokes the light of a day in spring, when the days get longer, and promises us beautiful tomorrows. It’s a sumptuous floral bouquet, gold and white, luminous and silky, in the image of spring femininity


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Perfume Note

  • Apricot flower, Pink pepper Mimosa,
  • Orange blossoms, Lily of the Valley
  • Sandalwood, Musk, Ciste Labdanum
perfume maker for royalty and connoisseurs for nearly 250 yearsThe Houbihant House is one of the oldest perfume house in the worldParis 1775 Jean Francois Houbigant, hung a hand -painted sign of basket of flowers above his small shop in the rue du faubourg Saint-Honré.From the beginning its fragrances found favor with royal families and nobility