Matin D'Ete 100ml 803.25 AED
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Mon Ami 100ml 803.25 AED

Reve D’Or 100ml

Dreamlike, magnetic scent, with a powerful aromatic impact given by concoction of rum and passion fruit, it evolves into the noble floral elegance of iris, becoming soft and embracing thanks to a gourmand vanilla caramel accord. In the end a triumphant aristocratic hue is revealed with superb combination of rosewood, sandalwood, amber, ambergris and musk.

803.25 AED

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Choix is the exclusive fragrance collection launched at Esxence 2018. “The fragrance as a state of waiting, as a feasible desires holder, a rediscovery of deep ancestral bonds, epilogue of stories that seem lost in time and suddenly reappear to be relived in all their proud unfailing grandeur. The Choix collection is the unexpected association of surprising accords gifting skin of a new extraordinary sensorial perception. The quintessence of tradition in perfumery is treasured in five exclusive compositions, the uniqueness of luxury fragrances reached through dedicated selection of refined raw materials, classy elegance of details belongs to a painstaking savoir faire. As the most involving adventure that goes beyond the merely olfactory dimension, the collection depicts an extended universe of sensual perception, establishes a symbiotic and belonging connection with the partner, taking the right to make decision in choosing, to wholly belong to someone with no fears and pretenses. A tale that captivates a remote figure from the Middle East, back in the alchemist laboratory to meet the Nose, the one who dominates aromas. Intrigued, hypnotized, excited by the aromatic power of the elixirs, he feels pervaded, part of the immense breath of a fragrance, it is powerfully seduced, finally conquered by its magnetic call, now part of its soul. The fragrance has chosen him forever, recognizing him as a companion of life and emotions, perfect fusion of spirit and matter, in an unstoppable, languid, infinite embrace. Choix is the pursuing of beauty, the epitome of oriental magnificence in perfumery, the meaning of profound harmony that subvert time and borders, the evolution of inspirations that rise and shine bright from a tangle of memories and emotions. Choix is the wind carrying ancient traditions echoes, a secure hand sinking in raw material to tame it, it’s the Nose master that sees passion where it merges with the creative talent, to finally get it transformed in liquid, ethereal power, impalpable message kept in a bottle and finally given to life, to its enigmatic wonder. The bottle is rare and precious in its ambery shade, the facets of the glass magnify the warm reflects from flare to darkness. The cap is a tiny masterpiece of high craftsmanship, the delicate golden metal tassel slips on the side, like a precious jewel adorning a feminine neckline, light beams caressing dreams and thoughts. An unpredictable treasure is ready to be unveiled, a seductive enticement for the most demanding connoisseurs.” – a note from the brand. Choix is a new fragrance brand. Designer Choix has 5 perfumes in our fragrance base all launched in 2018. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Luca Gritti.