Perris Monte Carlo Oud Imperial 100ml Eau De Parfum السعر الأصلي هو: 190.61 AED.السعر الحالي هو: 162.02 AED.
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Perris Monte Carlo Patchouli Nosy Be 100ml Eau De Parfum السعر الأصلي هو: 190.61 AED.السعر الحالي هو: 162.02 AED.

Perris Monte Carlo Rose De Taif 50ml Parfum Extrait

السعر الأصلي هو: 368.96 AED.السعر الحالي هو: 313.62 AED.

For Rose de Taif, we have intensified the concentration of the rose essential oil and rose absolute. Subtly introduced a concentration of lemon and geranium. The result is reminiscent of a full blooming rose garden with an everlasting alluring aroma.


Perris Extrait Collection

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Lemon, Nutmeg, Geranium
Rose of Taif Essence
Rosa Damascena Absolute, Rose Musk

بيريز مونتي كارلو روز دي طايف 50 مل

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The Perris Monte Carlo Collection was born to intrigue you by its diverse and exquisite breadth of fragrances created by using the most noble of raw materials. The result of such passion has inspired the following ultimate, elaborate five blends; each of them exclusive, prestigious and elegant in their own rite.In every culture gold represents power, wealth, luxury, success, durability… Gold is the color of prestige and it is even a reference in terms of quality (jewelry). Gold is everywhere : home design, clothing, accessories, fashion, perfumery… Gold notes are always linked to prestige and sophistication. To emphasize the quality and the uniqueness of the ingredients, Perris Monte Carlo decided to develop a refined packaging made with golden nuances. All dressed in gold, Perris Monte Carlo exclusive line appears elegant, prestigious, very selective, as well as contemporary.Designer Perris Monte Carlo has 30 perfumes in our fragrance base. Perris Monte Carlo is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2012 and the newest is from 2021. Perris Monte Carlo fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Luca Maffei, Mathieu Nardin, Gian Luca Perris and Jean-Claude Ellena.