What is OUD Fragrance?

Oud is considered to be the expensive and extensively used ingredient in perfumes worldwide. Its musky intoxicating scent makes them potent and oud perfumes are used widely in Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia. Today the perfumers available in the West create these fragrances which are suitable both for women and men.

More About Oud

Oud mainly comes from the wood of the popular form of tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree. This tree mainly originated in Assam, thereby spreading to Southeast Asia and Bangladesh. In many religious ceremonies in many countries, these wood chips are burned as incense.  When the wood of the Agar tree gets infected with a parasitic mold it reacts by giving out a dark, precious, and fragrant form of resin. This ingredient is used in perfumes as Oud and they are popularly known by different names like agarwood, Oudh, eaglewood, agallocha. Today agarwood is rare as the resin is triggered by the mold. Also, only 2 percent of the trees produce them. Hence, being more expensive at the market.

Oud Oil

Oud oil is being obtained by the extraction process done through distillation from the wood or just by melting on the resin. They are non-irritating and could be applied directly to the skin. The rarity, difficulty in harvesting, and high demand make it more expensive for oil in the world. Today oud oil is also popularly known as liquid gold. Natural oud is more valuable and expensive compared to the artificial form of oud.

As a Scent

Oud is valued better by the perfumers for its sweet and warm fragrance with balsamic and woody notes. They are also a complex and aromatic form of scent. They are used as oud oil or as a resin. In perfumes, oud is commonly used as the base note. Base notes stay more on the skin after the middle notes and the top notes get dissipated. Perfume with an oud base stays longer after applying it. Today, synthetic ouds are also present. They are more woody and leathery thereby sacrificing the balsamic, sweetness, and warmth notes for sake of the price.

Some Oud Fragrances

  • Frangipani Oud

They are clean lemongrass, crisp and fresh citrus rind forming the top notes of the playful, mysterious, romantic, and luscious fragrance. The allure as the aphrodisiac is more common. The middle notes are made with banana nuanced, floral, Ylang Ylang green, erotic, sharp, earthy, stringent, medicinal tea tree, and rich, sweet, jasmine. The base notes of these best oud perfumes in Dubai are made with warm oud, creamy and powdery sandalwood, patchouli, and green oak moss.

  • Damascena Oud

Being floral, this form of the fragrance consists of top notes of pear, lemon-lime, and mandarin.  The middle notes of lemony, Rose Damascena, Jasmine, and Magnolia surrender to base notes of soft, potent Patchouli, warm musky Oud, rich honey-like Amber, and sensual Musk.

Last but not least, oud fragrances are always the popular and essential ones among perfume lovers. So, why are you waiting? Catch up on the best fragrance from the nearby perfume shop and be the best at your special occasions.

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