What Makes a Perfume Niche?

Niche describes perfumes that belong to rare types. They come up with an interesting and special form of scent. The dedication of the perfume industry and the time taken to create these fragrances show how better the niche perfumes (عطور نيش) are. The scent depends upon the top, middle and base notes. The design features of the bottle, and everything related to the perfume is different and much unique. Even though they come up with higher prices there is great value to every drop of the scent. While considering the quality and its fragrance, niches perfumes are not so costly. 

These perfumes make use of oils and a new type of materials. The high concentration of the perfume extracts and the use of natural ingredients give an unusual experience while opening each time the fragrance. It is the choice of new, special and unusual. 


Making of Niche Perfumes

Extraction is the first process taking place. Based on the raw materials used, the extraction process differs. Plant or fruit is being pressed first and the oil is extracted. Solvent type extraction is done here. The result is a thick and waxy form of substance. After that, the alcohol is being used and the oil gets to the top. When alcohol gets evaporated, oils are fine to use. Other methods are also involved which you could make use of. They are steam distillation, maceration, and effleurage. The next step is to create the right fragrance. After making the perfect type of blend, it is mixed with alcohol and water. Now, the perfume is ready for market. Just need to design a better bottle for your niche fragrance. 


What Makes a Perfume Niche?

Let’s consider the 10 things that make a perfume niche to the industry or perfume world.

  • When perfumers create unique perfumes in a perfume house founded by them.
  • Perfumers are free from the restrictions of mass consumerism and could create better unique fragrances.
  • When the niche fragrances are in limited availability
  • Come up with better creativity and art in making the perfumes and designs of the perfume bottles.
  • Making use of the natural, unique, and unusual perfume combinations.
  • When the distribution is selective.
  • Different approaches to marketing and advertising.
  • Give out every minute detail of the perfume to ensure each customer that the perfume is of better quality.
  • Rare and precious in terms of raw materials being used and fragrances produced.
  • Made in small batches, not on a large scale.


Niche & Mass Perfumes

Niche perfumes are homemade perfumes designed by private perfumers. These perfumes are shared with those clients who need uniqueness. These are considered to be exceptional fragrances that aim to attract others. Mass perfumes on the other hand are sold to a large number of people and are produced in large quantities. Also, they differ in quality while considering the niche type fragrances. So, today niche perfumes are gaining high popularity in the perfume world. So buy perfumes online UAE and let niche fragrances spread throughout creating a new style and smell.


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