Vertus Auramber 100 ml Eau De Parfum

1,350.00 AED

Mysterious curtain rises A glorious amber vision… embodying enchanting smoke everywhere… The sultry, warm scent of precious ambergris is crafted with a touch of animal harmony. Wrapped in a dry woody, smoky facet, it is enriched with very attractive nuances of labdanum and patchouli.


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Perfumes Notes

Top Notes
Amber, Animal Notes, Smoke

Middle Notes
Amber, Dry Wood

Base Notes
Amber, Labdanum, Patchouli

Vertus Paris is a niche perfume brand that collects the most precious raw materials of this earth and compose them in a bottle with artisanal essence. Powered by four layers of planet Earth: the crust, the sima, the xenolith and the lava. Perfumers around the world carefully hand-select the core materials for our essences. Our finest artisans blend many elements together to bring you the essence and richness of this earth. Our perfumes are composed from the raw materials of nature and handcrafted to perfection.