Rosadoor L’Eden Rosadoor Red EDP 100 ml

1,260.00 AED

L’EDEN RED is a fragrance that embodies the essence of passion, allure, and sensuality. Perfect for both day and night, it is an enchanting scent that will captivate hearts and minds wherever you go. Let L’EDEN RED be your signature scent and unlock the hidden paradise within.


La Rosa

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L’EDEN RED takes you on an enchanting journey through a lush garden of blooming Jasmin and zesty Bergamot, weaving an irresistible tale of allure.

At its heart, the warm embrace of Amber, Spice, and Mossy notes captivates your senses, drawing you deeper into the allure of nature’s secrets.

As the sun sets, the velvety caress of Musk, the opulence of Oud, and the soothing allure of Sandalwood unfold, leaving an irresistible trail of elegance and mystery

Perfume Note
  • Jasmin, Bergamot
  • Amber, Spice, Mossy
  • Musk, Oud, Sandalwood

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